The 3 elements of ethical living 

Welcome to the first blog post for the Zero Hero Movement! Firstly thank you so much for visiting my blog. I’m hoping that I can provide inspiration to help you live as ethically as possible through sharing my own personal journey.

To get things started I thought I’d talk about the 3 main elements of ethical living. These three points are areas where over time I’ve found have lead me to being way more ethical in many aspects of my life. Each point can be expanded on and lead to many other topics too, this is just the backbone and will also give you an insight into the kind of things I’ll be talking about in future posts.

1. Zero Waste Living

The Zero Hero Movement all started with my passion for trying to live as waste free as possible. I believe that trying to produce as little waste as possible in our day to day lives can REALLY make a difference to the environment and the economy. I hope that through this blog I can inspire people to make small changes that will lead to a bigger difference by showing what every day items I have switched for zero waste options. It’s not difficult and it doesn’t need to be expensive, in fact you can actually save money by producing less waste!

My zero waste toothbrush and paste

2. Minimalism

Minimalism means we live a less consumerist life. I can’t help but feel sometimes that the planet is drowning in our stuff. Things like fast fashion and unrelaibale products that need replacing every year or so are not ethical. By really valuing the things we do have, we can not only save tons of money but we can also stop cluttering the place (earth) up with our unwanted possessions.

My minimalist day pack

3. Veganism 

Agriculture for the meat and dairy industry is the LEADING cause of global climate change today. It is entirely possible to live a greener liferstyle by eating more greens. Much like the above two topics, it dosent need to be difficult or expensive, in fact veganism is getting easier everyday all over the world. Being vegan also doesn’t mean missing out, there is a vegan version of every type of food you can imagine and it’s just as delicious without the cruelty and massive carbon footprint!

Vegan raspberry pancakes

So, there we have it, my thoughts on the 3 main elements of ethical living. Please let me know your thoughts too! which of these topics means the most to you? Are you practising any of the above? What do you want to know more about?

I’ll be posting blogs fortnightly, elaborating on the 3 main elements, how I incorporate them into my life, my struggles with ethical living as well as triumphs and discoveries. So hopefully we can all embrace ethical living in all aspects of our lives.

Thanks again for stopping by and feel free to follow me on Instagram for daily ethical living updates! @zero_hero_movement

2 thoughts on “The 3 elements of ethical living 

  1. Hey! Great first blog. Congrats!
    I’m in the early stages on my zero waste journey. Plastic has been bothering me for years. I’m slowly getting rid of the plastic in my home (which can be a little tricky with 3 young children) but I’m determined to make our planet better for my children and their children.
    I’m really struggling to find a local or ever semi local zero waste food store. I actually want to drive to Totnes, Devon just to visit the new shop there!
    I’m also a business owner with a heafty carbon footprint which I’m dramatically reducing as we speak. This week is our first zero plastic packaging promise which will continue.
    I ordered some truthpaste to try out. And also bamboo toothbrushes for my children.
    I wish there were more events on to promote this lifestyle. I really feel like people think they’re alone on this journey….
    look forward to the next post x


    • Thank you for your comment!

      I’m so pleased to hear you’re starting out on a zero waste journey. I often think it’s so important that people with children take this leap despite the extra challenges because they have the opportunity to help change the future in a way singletons like me never will!

      I know what you mean about a lack of zero waste stores in the Uk, where abouts are you based? More and more are popping up so I like to think it won’t be long before we all have a local 🙂

      I like your comments on events and think this might be something I touch on in my next post.

      Again thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond to my first blog post. It’s really important to me that these lifestyle choices bring up conversation and inspire change so really, thank you.


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