My plastic FULL July 

Thanks for coming back to my brand new blog everyone. This fortnight I changed what I wanted to put forward here because throughout the last two weeks some of my own failings became massively apparent and I feel like voicing the evolution of my thought process and actions to you might resonate with some.

Plastic wrapped snacks

I spent the last two weeks visiting friends and generally being quite social (working at sea means you have to schedule in everything when back on land, even social occasions). Now one thing that travelling and socialising inevitably involves is food and very often in my case coffee. 

When the coffee cups keep building up in front of you

What I am about to admit to you is hard for me to speak about, genuinely, but it’s so important. Some of you may think, “why is she writing about ethical living, she’s making a lot of obvious mistakes”. Well firstly, I am human, I am not a guru or an expert and never claim to be, what I hope to achieve is ethical living through learning and that the sharing of my own experiences will help others hit mile stones in their own ethical journey. So here it is, blunt and brutal.

This last fortnight I;

  • Partook in a store bought, plastic wrapped picnic with a friend (I was too afraid to try and implement my own thoughts on my friend and too lazy to pre plan food to take rather than buy)
  • I agreed to having take away food bought for me as a thank you for some work I did knowing full well it would arrive in plastic containers (again I was too afraid to be the odd one out and refuse the offer based on packaging preferences) 
  • I ate a pre packed sandwich and other plastic wrapped snacks when travelling because they were either given to me or I hadn’t pre planned my own foods.
  • I winged and moaned in silence throughout all of these dreadful events. I felt anxiety, I felt ashamed, I felt useless and I felt like a fraud. 

My nearest and dearest friends have all advised me that I’m doing what I can and that I shouldn’t beat myself up for things like this. They are so right and if anything this “downfall” has only served as a lesson and taught me what I need to do in order to eliminate excess waste from my life going forward.

The vegetarian and vegan range at Pret A Manger, a great selection unfortunately wrapped in plastic!

So, with a deep breath and a sigh, what have I decided to do about this? Well, I’m quitting eating out, it’s gunna be tough and socially it will be super hard but I know there is no way to be sustainable when eating out at cafes, bars or restaurants. So that’s it, cold turkey. If I want coffee, I’ll make some in my disposable cup before I head out. If I want snacks, well I’m gunna have to hope I packed them first. This is going to be a huge challenge for me as eating out and buying fancy coffees is a real treat for me, but I’m absolutely whole heartedly up for it! I want to improve everyday and be better at caring for this planet, so this is what I have to do! I’ll be keeping everyone updated on my journey with this via my Instagram account so if you don’t already follow, please do @zero_hero_movement

Thanks again for stopping by; please let me know your thoughts, have you struggled like this in your journey to zero waste? What tricks do you use to prevent excess waste when out? How do you explain your choices when out and how do you overcome that fear of ridicule? I’d love to hear from you! 

Much love


2 thoughts on “My plastic FULL July 

  1. Hi Lucy!

    I loves you post, it’s so true. I started my free plastic journey this month.
    It was hard. At the first day I went out with couple of my friends and they piled The plastic café, everything was served in plastic. Unfortunately I discovered this fact when we already ordered. I asked a water before if an açaí comes on glass or I’m plastic. He told me it would come in glass and it was in plastic.! I almost cried (( My evening was ruined. Now my friend thinks I’m little bit crazy.
    As I’m also a vegan I used to it ))
    Now I have my kit with me whatever I go. The are cup, a reusable battle, real spon (nothing fancy just a small real spin from home), handkerchief, metal straw and a smal bag for snaks. It is a small kit but I found very helpful in my free plastic jorney.
    Still I faked some times but like you I”m on a jorney.
    Thank you for shearling you experience!


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