Moving forward 

After last fortnights despair over the amount of plastic in my life, I was feeling really reenergised and ready to tackle plastic pollution with a whole new perspective.
If you read my last blog post ‘my plastic FULL July’ you’ll know that I decided to quit eating out or on the go and also to stop buying coffees whilst travelling. These were huge players in my plastic consumption and I always made excuses. I had all the excuses! 
Too afraid to say no 

Too busy to meal prep

Too rushed to look for better options

It’s like none of it was my fault! But I know, if we want change in our personal lives only we can make that change. I knew it was up to me to give up those excuses and start doing all the things that would help me turn these bad habits around.

First thing I realised? It’s ok to say no, this is something I am going to expand on in a later blog post but for now I am going to practise the art of saying no. Just because someone offers me a cheap snack or a free coffee or anything else than involves, plastic, I don’t have to say yes. It might seem rude at first but if you speak with compassion and honesty then it is absolutely ok to say no.

Too busy?! I am all for living a more simple and slower life. If I am ‘too busy’ to meal prep before I leave the house then I am not giving myself the time that I deserve to have the things that I want. I also know that by allowing myself the time to meal prep I will be eating way healthier food on the go. Double greatness!

Shopping for food whether it’s on the go or a weekly shop at home should never be rushed. We should put thought into the products that we buy and ensure that the choices we make will make us truly happy rather than seeking out a quick fix. Again, it’s all about that slow and steady life! 

Generally just being more prepared is something I need to work on too. I now have my own cutlery to take out with me, nothing fancy or expensive, just from the cutlery drawer. A cup, a bottle, a straw. Cloths, hankies and napkins too, I was making my way through a ton of disposable tissues without even realising. All these small steps can help to reduce waste when on the go! 

So I’m currently working on my perfect ‘to-go’ kit as I’m always on the move. Do you have any brands or products that you would call essentials when out and about? I’d love to hear from you! Pictures of my progress will all be shared on my Instagram which is @zero_hero_movement

Thanks again for stopping by and please comment your thoughts, always nice to hear what you think of my new blogs.

Much love! 


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