Fast Fashion: It shouldn’t cost lives to look good!

Hi everyone, thanks again for coming back to my blog. This week I wanna talk about fast fashion because it’s something that really bothers me, although it didn’t always.
Like most teens and 20 somethings, buying clothes was therapeutic for me. It was a reason to hang out with friends, I used to buy clothes for the weekend, for special outings and events, to get me through tough situations when I needed a confidence boost and sometimes even just to spend money rather than have it sit in my account. Crazy right?! At one point I think I had over 40 pairs of shoes, a full wardrobe, a full chest of drawers and my laundry basket was always full too! Now, looking back that all seems crazy! 

Most of the shops I bought my clothes from I now despise. Cheap high street brands that change what’s considered fashionable every week, expecting us to keep up and conform and where the clothe sizes are inaccurate and make you feel like your body isn’t enough the way it is! It’s fair to say I feel like a completely different person in respect of what I choose to wear and it’s all part of my personal growth journey that 10 years ago I would never have seen coming.

But why is fast fashion so bad? Well firstly I want to recommend, if you haven’t watched ‘The True Cost’ yet, please do! It’s on Netflix and it’s a really great eyeopener to the fast fashion industry. Just to summarise a few points for you, taken from the documentary;

– fast fashion does not pay a fair wage

– The people who work in the factories for fast fashion are often in underdeveloped countries where they have no human rights and are often working in life threatening conditions

– The crops, such as cotton which are used to make our clothes, if not organic, pollute the planet and severely damage the health of the farmers who grow them. They often have no choice due to the high demand for fast fashion.

– Due to the increased number of ‘seasons’ within fashion (now more than 52 per year) tons of perfectly good clothes are taken to landfill or flown out to under developed countries where the local people can no longer make a profit from their own sales of garments. 

These are just a FEW of the issues associated with fast fashion. Is looking “good” really worth all this?? I don’t think so! Since learning more about fast fashion I have taken many steps in my personal life to reduce my impact via the clothes I wear. Here are some of them that you might like to adopt yourself, it’s really easy I promise.

– Buy second hand where possible: because people have to much the charity shops are full of some really great often almost new items! 

– Repair clothes you already have: a small hole or rip is no reason to throw out a whole garment, learn to sow or take them to someone who can!

– Truly value the stuff you already have: stop thinking of things as so disposable that you wear them once and never see them again! 

– When you do need to buy new, choose well made quality items that are committed to fair trade and organic materials!

– Borrow!! I’ve gained so many clothes just by asking if my friends have anything I can borrow! Most people have so much stuff they will often give you the item realising they never wore it any ways!!

So there we have it, like I said, it’s pretty easy. We just have to change our mindset and not feel pressured to look a certain way or conform to what the media tells us about our image!! I am definitely much happier in myself since I stopped caring about what people think about my clothes and started caring about the consequences of my choices! 

I hope this post is helpful for some of you. Please do watch The True Cost and comment below with your thoughts and any other tips you might have for people wanting to be more ethical in their choices of clothing! Also if you’re not already following please check out my Instagram page for more ethical living inspiration @zero_hero_movement

Much love


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