New Years resolutions for a more ethical 2018

I love a new year, it’s like a super duper Monday morning where we get to let go of anything that no longer serves us and start totally fresh! There is no better time than the beginning of a new year to start incorporating new habits. With that in mind I’d like to suggest some New Years resolutions to help 2018 be your most ethical year yet! 

Veganism – Veganuary is a great way to start, whether you’re vegetarian, eat fish, dairy, eggs or meat by starting in January with the support of the veganuary program you can make one of the most positive changes in your life. With veganuary you will have an entire support unit around you, tons of recipes to inspire you and loads of other veganism virgins to share you journey with. If you need a little motivation to get you on the mood for a vegan lifestyle then there are so many good documentaries out there to explain the benefits of living as a vegan, my favourites are; Cowspiracy (2014), Forks over knives (2011) and Racing Extinction (2015) which can all be found on Netflix. To join Veganuary 2018, visit the website at;

More plant based, wholefoods to be prepared in 2018!

Minimalism  In 2018 try to buy no new clothes for the whole year, if you NEED something, borrow from friends or buy second hand. This is a great resolution for so many reasons!! Not only will you save yourself an absolute fortune but you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint significantly, you won’t be feeding demand for cheap unsafe labour and you won’t look the same as everyone else who shops in all the same high street stores. I wrote a blog a while back now about fast fashion and why I don’t support it but if you need more reason to not buy into fast fashion then I highly recommend watching ‘The True Cost’ on Netflix. If at any point you really really can’t borrow or buy second hand then please buy new that supports a good cause and has been produced ethically. I recently found myself needing new forward while in Australia, I opted for natural rubber flip flops by Etiko that support Sea Shepherd and some rope sandals by Corda Life which provide fair and ethical work for women in Ethiopia. So if you do NEED new then research the most ethical options available to you. 

Etiko Thongs
Etiko flip flops made from natural and recycled rubber and making a contribution to Sea Shepherd

Zero waste – Shop for only plastic free produce, give up heavily packaged items and seek out more ethical waste free options. Change where you buy your groceries if your current store cannot supply all your favourite foods without plastic, even better if you have a garden learn how to grow your own veggies! Often by choosing items that are not packaged you end up living a healthier lifestyle automatically. Venture into the stores you previously didn’t think to look in, research bulk options in your area, find out about farmers markets. We could all sit at home and complain about the stores that don’t offer plastic free produce OR we could be pro active and seek places to invest our money that align more with our beliefs. 

Gotta try and avoid those non recyclable stickers in 2018!

My New Years resolutions!

Veganism – having been vegan for a while now I feel ready to make the transition into a more wholefoods, plant based and raw diet. I am not pressuring myself to make this change over night but what I do hope is that by December 2018 I will have settled fully into it and can live in alignment with my views on health and nutrition in this way. 

Minimalism – there are a few areas I want to adapt in my life over the next year with regards to minimalism. Firstly going fully digital! I am currently travelling with a few books and a few note books for journals. By the end of 2018 I want to have donated all my books to those that need them and be journaling digitally. I’d also like to continue minimising the amount of clothes I own, this might be a trickier one though as I will be leaving the hot Australian climate for a cooler New Zealand climate at the end of 2018 but I think with a little forward thinking and pre-planning it is entirely possible. 

I’m always travelling with too many books and journals, time to get digital.

Zero Waste – In 2018 I will be keeping my first waste jar. I feel like it will really help me to develop my understanding of my own waste consumption. 

I would love it if you would join me on any of my resolutions, share any of your successes or hiccups along the way and help each other to grow and live more ethically in the coming year! To share your journey and to follow mine, add me on Instagram @zero_hero_movement and use my hashtag #zeroheromovement so I can see all the things you’re doing, I love sharing ideas and seeing everyone’s progress!!

Thanks again for stopping by, another resolution of mine is to be consistent with my blog posts in 2018 so expect more material from me and if there’s a topic around ethical living that you’d like me to blog about then please just send me a message or comment below, I’d love to here from you! 

Much love, 


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