Why I’m starting a Waste Jar in 2018

If you’re following the Zero Waste movement or looking to start living a more waste free life you will be aware of the concept of a waste jar. This basically involves collecting any waste you acquire in your day to day life to see it as a physical volume or mass of waste by storing it in a clear glass jar for a set period of time.

Previously I have avoided this idea, mostly from a minimalist point of view, why would I want a jar of trash laying around cluttering up the place? Isn’t that exactly the point thought? The reason most people create so much trash is because it is dealt with relatively quickly, out of sight out of mind. I am no exception from this rule and I thought what better time to fully feel the weight of the trash I create than when travelling, quite literally!

A lovely jar gifted to me from a friend

So here I now find myself looking for the perfect jar, second hand of course and dreading the idea of carting it around with me whilst travelling through every state in Australia. What have I got myself in for? Nothing like a good challenge to kick start the new year. 

If anything, I feel like this is a much easier task here in Australia than it would have been in the UK. There are bulk options everywhere and farmers markets galore. Even the main supermarket chains have small bulk sections and a wider range of plastic free produce, so hopefully this will b a big learning curve for me with regards to minimising my impact even further.

Package free produce is common here in Australia

For me, life is all about learning. I’m not setting this goal for myself to punish myself or to make myself feel bad. It’s all about observing my habits over the next year I’m the hope that I will learn to be more ethical and produce less waste with every year that’s passes.

I’d love to know if you have ever used a waste jar to monitor your waste, if not why? If yes, what did it teach you about your habits? If you’ve been thinking about starting yor own waste jar then please join me in 2018 and we can motivate each other to be more transparent in our consumption of waste items. To follow my journey travelling through Australia with my waste jar then please follow me on Instagram where I will be posting my progress @zero_hero_movement 

Bulk bins in the whole & happy store, Gladstone NSW

Thanks again for taking the time to read this blog, more to come next week. 
Much love 


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