Moving from a vegan diet to a whole food plant based diet

If you read my previous blog about New Years resolutions you’ll know that I am planning to gradually transition from a vegan diet to a whole foods, plant based diet.

Vegan vs. Whole food plant based diets

The pure and simple reason I am choosing to do this is health. I want ultimate health, I want to live a long and active life and I think the best way to ensure this is to eat plants and drink water (and obviously regular exercise too!).
Some of you might be thinking how different a vegan diet is from one that is whole food plant based. Well a prime example is this, Oreos are vegan, they are not good for you, they are not plant based and they are not a whole food. Veganism means not consuming or using any product from an animal but there are many many products that are either synthetic or highly processed that can be classed as vegan and it is these types of food that I wish to eliminate from my diet over the course of a year. 

A nutritious plant based meal from Elixibar in Byron Bay

It is my hope that by Jan 1st 2019, eating a whole food, plant based diet will become my norm. The reason I am allowing myself a year to achieve this goal is also health based. Changing your diet in any way is going to have an affect on your body and health whether you realise it or not. To suddenly just remove certain items from your diet that your body has become accustomed to can sometimes cause adverse effects. I want to be kind to my body so I am doing this slowly. Over time my gut bacteria will adjust and I will avoid any sudden side effects of a diet change. It’ll also give me time to work out how much and how often I need to eat whilst plant based as this can also change with dietary switches. I also don’t want the feeling you can experience when you go “cold turkey” and don’t succeed immediately, I’m not trying to prove anything, I’m not in a race with anyone so I am allowing myself the time to do this properly with the best possible outcome being that this time next year it will have stuck. 

A delicious vegetable korma I like to make

So what have you decided to work on for yourself this year? Do you adopt a vegan or plant based diet? I’d love to hear from you. You can see how I’m getting on switching to plant based by following my Instagram page @zero_hero_movement

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