Coffs Harbour – A little slice of paradise

Today I’m giving you a travel blog. I really want to share with you all my amazing experiences in a little town called Coffs Harbour in New South Wales. When I originally booked my stay here I was only aiming for 5 days, see the sights and then move on down the east coast. This plan quickly changed and 5 days turned into 5 weeks. 
For my east coast travels I am staying in various hostels and the YHA I found in Coffs Harbour was by far one of the nicest hostels I have stayed in to date. Being so far away from home can often leave the weary traveller craving a home like environment and that’s certainly what I found here. Most importantly though we’re the amazing friends I made there, these are a special group of people who I will never forget and hopefully see again soon further along in my travels! 

Some of my favourite people down by the creek in Coffs Harbour

Now outside of the hostel was a world of beautiful wildlife and some of the best nature reserves all within a stones through of where I slept. Not to mention one of the most beautiful botanical gardens I have seen so far! 

The jetty is an amazing and highly understated spot for wildlife. Once me and my friends realised there were green sea turtles there every evening at sunset we never missed a viewing. Another evening we were graced by the presence of vast numbers of Ray’s of varying species and if we were super lucky the local bottle nose dolphin would make an appearance too. Every day at sunset I still miss that Jetty and its inhabitants.

The Jetty

To the left of the jetty there is the designated nature reserve known as Mutton bird island. As an amateur bird watcher I wasn’t sure what a mutton bird was exactly, I was pleased when I discovered it to be a shearwater and this was a prime nesting site for the sea bird species. A trek to the top of mutton bird island also gave great views of the ocean and its accompanying solitary islands. 
The wildlife of Coffs Harbour would literally overflow into everyday life. On my morning runs I’d see galahs gathering, rainbow lorikeets feeding on the local flora, Australian magpies in their daily chorus, white ibis looking for a free meal, kookaburras laughing at my struggle to run in the heat and the huge cockatoos screaming through the skies. Those early mornings were some of my favourite times. 

A gorgeous Galah watches as I run past

So, as I reminisce on my time in this secret paradise I encourage anyone planning to visit the east coast of Australia to spend time here. Absorb it’s beauty, marvel at the chilled out atmosphere and just basque in its coastal sunshine. 
Thank you for joining me on my little heart felt day dream about a place I will always think of fondly. Next weeks blog will be detailing all of the adventures I tried to squeeze into my 5 days in Sydney and what it’s like to go from natures paradise to the big city. 
To keep up to date with my travels and see where I’m headed next please follow me on Instagram @zero_hero_movement
Much Love 


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