My Plastic Free July – 2018 edition

Hi everyone, thank you so much for visiting my blog. I haven’t posted in so long and thought what better time than this to rekindle my love of writing than at the end of another ‘Plastic Free July’. Last year I wrote a blog post about my experience trying to cut down on waste and it’s interesting to look back and compare.

The first thing I noticed when reflecting back on last years post was that I was kinda harsh on myself. I really felt like I’d failed and focused more on what I’d done “wrong” than focusing on my achievements. So this year I’m going to take a positive look at what I’ve achieved this plastic free July in minimising my overall plastic use.

I was really pleased this year to do multiple updates with tips, hacks and reflections on my Instagram page dedicated to Plastic Free July. Whilst I focus on several topics such as minimalism, travel and veganism it was really nice to put some energy into this project and it also helped me to recognise all the changes I’ve made in my own life to date.

Having access to an excellent farmers market makes plastic free living so much easier

I did of course produce some plastic again this year but I definitely feel the plastics this year compared to last year reflect some positive habit changes. For example last year I was ALWAYS going out during the day for a ton of social meet ups and I didn’t seem to have the courage to stick true to my morals and beliefs when other people were added to the scenario. This year, I’ve been travelling around Australia and meeting soooo many new people yet I’ve never felt more comfortable being my true self. Last years waste was coffee cups and food packaging where I was always on the go, this year my plastic is the occasional food wrap for cooking at home. I simply don’t put myself in situations where excess packaging (and spending) is required anymore.

This year I also decided to keep track of my waste on a month by month basis, posting on Instagram with the hash tag #ZHMYearOfWaste. This was an idea I decided to implement because I felt like my plastic comsumption went from the obvious every day items to sneaky bits and pieces here and there so by collecting all my plastic waste I could really see where it’s all coming from. I really want to hold myself accountable this year so check out the hashtag on insta if you want to see the plastic waste I’ve accumulated so far this year. I really like this task and am very interested to review it all at the end of the year to allow me to make further adjustments to my habits. It’s sort of my personal plastic audit.

I thought this year my outlook had been totally different too. Last year I had a very militant view on it all. Any waste produced was a failure, and I felt these thoughts creeping in as I shopped for my groceries this last month. These days however I’m very much into growth and self love so I have made the conscious decision not to ridicule myself too harshly. I’m doing my best, I’m learning and I am growing. We all want to be like our zero waste heroes but we must remember they all started somewhere too so be kind to yourself and appreciate your journey.

So with another plastic free July done and dusted what would I like to continue going forward;

– continued monitoring of my monthly plastic accumulation

– Be even more prepared for next years Plastic Free July

– Getting back into the swing of regular blog posts on zero waste, minimalism, travel and veganism.

I’ve even been able to find plastic free bread in my local area this year!

There are lots of exciting things being planned in the background here at ZHM and I really hope you’ll love what’s on its way. Thank you so much for coming back to my blog, let me know how you got on with this years Plastic Free July, what habits will you be looking to change? What areas of your day to day life are still difficult for you to rid of plastic? If you have any recommendtions for topics you’d like me to cover either here or on my Instagram then please do also let me know as I’d love to post content that helps people live their most sustainable and happy lives.
Much love


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